Ways & Means Committee

In October, 2017 LCP National Convention, the National Ways and Means Committee was created to study and develop idle properties of LCP in order for it to generate income to support LCP’s works.

Subsequently, this Committee was assigned by the LCP-BD to study and make recommendations on eleven (11) idle properties; out of which, after careful study and evaluation, 5 were recommended to be sold, by the Ways and Means Committee, to the LCP-BD which submitted the proposals to the Special Convention held last May 28, 2019 for approval.

All recommended properties to be sold were approved by the Special Convention. Except for the Alabel property which is not titled, the following properties are now ready for disposal:

1. 4443 Old Sta Mesa St.,Manila -426.7 sq m-(minimum bid price- P75,000/sqm)
2. Barangay Iyam, Lucena City -2,000 sq m -(minimum bid price – P15,000/sqm)
3. Gibraltar Rd, Baguio City -1,754.42 sq m -(minimum bid price – P 40,000/sqm)
4. Sanitary Camp, Baguio City -308 sq m – (minimum bid price -25,000/sqm)

To conduct the sale, the LCP President with the concurrence of the LCP-BD appointed a Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) in every LCP District, particularly the North Luzon Highland District and the South Luzon District, where the properties mentioned-above are located. These committees shall meet and decide on the date of submission of bids and opening of bids.

The LCP-BD has established the minimum bid price per square meter for every property based on the recommendations of the Bids and Awards Committees. The prices recommended by the Bids and Awards Committees were based on the appraised value given by hired licensed Appraisers.

NOTE: The price (floor price for the bidding) per square meter established by the Bids and Awards Committees and approved the LCP-BD, given above, are higher than the appraised value.




Barangay Iyam, Lucena City Property